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Guan shun is based on the comprehensive innovation system, implement brand strategy, already joined into
international supply chain of Multi-National Corporation successfully. 

Wire Mesh Fence

Our products are widely used in factory site isolation, construction, decoration, oil, chemicals pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and other fields. 

Iron Wire

Our products are widely used in factory site isolation, construction, decoration, oil, chemicals pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and other fields. 

Iron Nail

Our products are widely used in factory site isolation, construction, decoration, oil, chemicals pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and other fields. 

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All kinds of mine screen, filter, gabion, fence, construction fence, stainless steel conveyor belt, steel grating,
chain link fence, welded wire mesh, razor barbed wire, stainless steel mesh and other products

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We have a full range of technical personnel with reliable producing and testing equipment, With large-scale production capacity, comprehensive quality management, advanced technology and strict testing means 

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All of our products are subject to the most stringent testing and checking procedures;
are higher than the national standard.The company has obtained ISO9001, State High-tech Enterprise certificates. 

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Having established solid relationships with customers with perfect marketing service network and built a strategic cooperative partnership with international famous enterprises

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Hebei  Most  Professional Wire
Mesh Fence Manufacturers.
Our major product : Iron Wire , Razor Barbed Wire , Expanded Metal Mesh , Fence ,Welded Wire Mesh ,Wire Mesh Grating ,Wire Mesh Fence ,Mine Sieving Mesh , Building Net , Conveyor Belt Etc.

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  • What is a BBQ wire mesh

    What Is A BBQ Wire Mesh Barbecue net is a product made of metal processing, the Chinese-made products are divided into one-time barbecue net and barbecue grill repeatedly. One of the most popular barbecue network, in Japan, Canada, Argentina and other parts of the world are very popular. The reason why the grill is divided into two kinds, it is because the two used by the material is different, one-time barbecue wire mesh material is generally changed to pull the galvanized wire, wire edge is made of tinplate . For multi-use barbecue network, its material is made of medium carbon steel and 304 stainless steel wire made.
  • The difference between ordinary steel nails and cement nails

    The Difference Between Ordinary Steel Nails And Cement Nails Ordinary steel nails, also known as iron nails, are made of cold drawn hot rolled low carbon steel wire rod as raw material, and then processed into a nail making machine, the strength of the product is generally 500 ~ 1300MPa. The cement nail is the use of high-quality 40 # -45 # of carbon steel as raw material, and then after a special processing obtained a steel products. The product has a strong hardness and good toughness, the product of super hardness, superior quality.
  • Kitchen utensils - Stainless Steel Colander

    Kitchen Utensils - Stainless Steel Colander With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of stainless steel mesh is more and more widespread, gradually penetrating people's daily life, such as stainless steel baskets, kitchenware cleaning balls, stainless steel mesh screens, security net.
  • Fence on the prairie - Grassland Fence

    Fence On The Prairie - Grassland Fence Prairie fence light is to listen to the name just know that in the prairie wilderness with a kind of fence, the product is the use of high-strength steel wire, after a series of automatic machines twist a product.And it also called cattle fence,is a breeding fence.
  • Widely used foundation pit fence

    Widely Used Foundation Pit Fence The foundation pit fence is also called temporary fence, foundation pit fence, foundation pit protection net, etc. It is a kind of wire mesh welded into the fence netting, yellow and black and white surface color design can effectively play a warning role. The product has strong safety performance, handsome in appearance, strong warning effect, therefore, it is widely used in various construction works for fence use.
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  • High Speed Rail Fence in China's status quo

    High Speed Rail Fence in China's status quo High-speed rail Fence is also a series of fence Fence, which is mainly used in high-speed rail, railways and other areas for fence use. From now till 2020, it is the winning stage for building a well-off society in an all-round way. China's high-speed rail has made great achievements in the past five years with a rapid growth of operating mileage and a more balanced layout of high-speed rail. By 2020, the scale of China's high-speed railway will reach 30,000 km and cover over 80% of the major cities. The integrated transport system connecting highways, civil aviation, water transport and urban rail transit and taking the high-speed railway as its aorta will show a "traffic power" .
  • Wire mesh to become the development of China and the "link"

    Wire Mesh To Become The Development Of China And The "link" Airport is the most basic protective equipment is the airport fence, the airport fence is also called "Y-type security network", it is by the v-type bracket column, reinforced welding mesh, security and anti-theft joints and hot-dip galvanized blade Part of the composition. Its security and defense performance is very high, often used as airport fence, prison fence, military base fence and so on. China is willing to work with Russia to expand all areas, all-round cooperation, close coordination and cooperation in international affairs, and promote the construction of human fate community. I believe that China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership will be in the new starting point to grasp the new opportunities to show new weather, to achieve new results.
  • The application of fence in our daily life

    The Application Of Fence In Our Daily Life Fence is more common in our daily life, the highway is developed from the 80's, and highway fence is the most important transport infrastructure, and it is also on the national economic and social development also plays a very important impact effect.Highway Fence is a professional for highway, highway use of the fence products, it has a simple structure of the net, modeling novel, easy to transport, easy to install and so on. Because of the fence plate with such equipment, greatly reducing the frequency of accidents on the road, but also saved a lot of drivers, passengers life.
  • The crown road barrier has been standardized

    High quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC wire.Weaving and characteristics: crochet, mesh uniform, smooth surface, beautiful and easy, net width, wire diameter thick and difficult to corrosion long service life, weaving simple, beautiful and practical.The screen to make into a co
  • IOS9001 certificate

    ANPING GUANSHUN WIRE MESH PRODUCTS CO.,LTD event: 2016.9.14 certification of quality management system for our factory
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