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Roofing Iron Nails

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A roofing nail is, as the name implies, a nail used for installing roofing. There are, however, many types of nails referred to as roofing nails, and these nails have many other uses. The main feature that distinguishes a roofing nail is its large head, which is usually much larger and flatter than other types of nails. This permits the nail to hold down roofing felt and roofing shingles without tearing through the material. Roofing nails generally come in lengths of 1 to 1.75 inches (2.54 to 4.44 cm), although shorter and longer nails can be found.
One element that makes roofing nails unique is the material they are made of. These nails are almost always made of galvanized iron or aluminum. Galvanization adds a thin layer of steel or zinc to an iron nail that prevents it from rusting; aluminum is used for the same reason. Roofing nails must stand up to years of rain, snow, and other weather. Rusting is undesirable not only because it will shorten the life of the nail, but because it can cause unsightly stains on a roof.
The large, flat head on a roofing nail, in addition to helping to hold down roofing materials, also helps prevent water from seeping in. Some roofing nails have a small rubber or plastic washer under the head. This adds another layer of waterproofing to the nail.

Roofing Iron Nails Roofing Iron Nails

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